Beaver County Times

March 2010
by Scott Tady

My favorite album so far in 2010: “Halcyon Times” by Jason & the Scorchers.
With little fanfare, the pioneering alt-country band has released a comeback disc loaded with energy.

“This is definitely NOT an ‘alt-country’ record, and I let everyone know I wanted no part of that,” frontman Jason Ringenberg says in the liner notes. “After 10 solo years singing songs about dead Confederates and Nez Perce ghosts I wanted to RAWK by God! I wanted mojo, not history. I wanted to sweat and yell. I wanted to see the studio walls melt and they did, praise all saints.”

The best iPod pick might be leadoff track “Moonshine Guy/Releasing Celtic Prisoners,” which begins with a breakneck beat and a verse, “Back in the trailer 20 foot long/With a jug and a dog and the radio on/In a life that plays like a country song/That you never heard on the radio.”

It’s a song about a guy who “likes the Stones, hates the Doors/Thinks the Beatles sing for girls/He’s a moonshine guy in a six-pack world.”