Rock and Roll Report

March 2010
by Matheson Kamin

In the early eighties, just after the end of the seventies, that a band was formed that would have a large influence on many bands that would follow them in the country-flavored style of music that they would pioneer. That band of musicians was known as Jason And The Scorchers.

Jason And The Scorchers creates a sound that incorporates a hard rock style with just a little twang. This style has served them well, as the band has released well over ten albums throughout their musical career. Each album helped build the band’s fan base and helped make more popular with music-buying public who were just getting to know the style of music that the band was creating.

Jason And The Scorchers made such an impact that they were given the Lifetime Achievement Award for Performance from The Americana Music Association in 2008. With that honor giving new blood to Jason Ringenberg and fellow Scorcher Warner E. Hodges, they decided to create a new album, the first since 1996. With the first Jason And The Scorchers release in over a decade, the band has changed from the original line-up that helped launch the band into stardom. The current band includes not only Jason Ringenberg on guitar and lead vocals and Hodges lead guitar and vocals, but also new members Al Collins on bass and Pontus Snibb on drums. The new quartet that make up today’s Jason And The Scorchers has just the right amount of energy to match what longtime fans have come to expect from the band. It is this group that recorded the new album from Jason And The Scorchers called Halcyon Times.

While Jason Ringenberg plays guitar in the band when they play out live, the band had a little help while in the studio. Along with the rest of the musicians that usually make up the band, the music on the album was shaped with the help of former Georgia Satellites and current Homemade Sin member Dan Baird. For this album, Baird became an honorary member of The Scorchers.

For the first album in almost fifteen years, Halcyon Times has all of the energy of anything that Jason And The Scorchers had recorded during their long career. Ringenberg or other musicians who participated in the recording sessions wrote all fourteen songs that the band included on the album.

The album starts off with “Moonshine Guy/Releasing Celtic Prisoners”. The song helps kick off the new album off with a bang. The next song on the album that gets the blood pumping is the song “Mona Lee”. These two songs let the listener know that the band means business. The rest of the album is just as strong. With songs like “Getting’ Nowhere Fast,” “Golden Days,” “Days of Wine and Roses,” and “Better Than This,” the band spends most of its time in a very upbeat, hard rockin’ mood. The album contains plenty of hooks and lyrics that will get you singing along. What more can you ask for from an album?

If you like rock music with a touch of twang, Jason And The Scorchers is the band to have in your music collection. For a band that hasn’t released an album in almost fifteen years, the new album of Halcyon Times from Jason And The Scorchers gives their fans a lot to be thankful for: The band sounds great, the songs are strong, and the band is once again out there for people to discover. And if you happen to be one of the people who have never come across the band of Jason And The Scorchers, this is the perfect time to find out what you’ve been missing.