Rock Hangar

March 2010

2010 album from the veteran Roots rockers. Halcyon Times is no 'return to their roots'. It is instead a creative leap forward, showing the band at its peak, not on some sort of self-absorbed nostalgia trip. It's hard to pick a standout track on the record - they are all that strong. Hodges' guitar work has never been better, full of style and inspired originality, while Ringenberg rocks like he is still 18, leaping off the edge of the world, laughing while doing it. Snibb and Collins supply that elusive, magic rock 'n' roll groove, full of energy but grounded in confident unhurried power. However, like all classic Rock records, Halcyon Times has more than enough moments of sublime grace to balance out the hormones. Fourteen songs deep, covering a staggering range of emotions and style, the album shows Jason & The Scorchers not only celebrating 30 years of creating music, but still expanding that creative envelope, still in command of their legacy.