San Antonio Express-News

March 201
Jim Beal Jr.

In 1982, an album called Reckless Country Soul kicked punk, country and loud rock in the collective pants. The band responsible, Jason and the Nashville Scorchers (later shortened to Jason & the Scorchers) paired the howling, growling, twanging vocals of Jason Ringenberg with the full-volume guitar fire of Warner E. Hodges. The result helped lay the foundation for Americana music. After a long hiatus, Jason & the Scorchers are back with a new rhythm section and their first new studio album since 1996.

There's some uptempo twang on Halcyon Times, but Ringenberg, Hodges and their accomplished crew concentrated on wrapping fierce rock 'n' roll around sharp lyrics. They succeeded in crafting an album that breathes new life, and cranked-up volume, into roots rock. With songs such as Beat on the Mountain, Mother of Greed, Gettin' Nowhere Fast and When Did It Get So Easy (to Lie to Me), Jason & the Scorchers stand ready to influence a new generation of reckless country soul rockers.