Hello friends.

I love this Tony Mottram photo of the vintage 1985 Jason and The Scorchers. It captures everything that was cool about us. Every personality shoots through the mists of time. It is for sure my favorite shot of Warner from that period- 100% pure rock n roll. Speaking of Warner and the vintage JATS, I am afraid I have some very sad news to share with you. What follows is a group announcement/press release written by me, our manager Deb Hodges, and Warner. 

Hello Fans, Friends and Colleagues, 

This announcement brings heavy news: Warner has decided to leave Jason and The Scorchers to focus on his solo brand. This is his decision to make and it is respected. Of course all concerned realize that Warner is absolutely essential to the past and future of Jason and The Scorchers. Therefore, we also announce that JATS will be retired effective immediately. There will be no farewell tour. We are all enormously proud of what we accomplished as a band. Just the simple fact that we held it together for over 40 years without ever having legitimate commercial success is an accomplishment in itself. We hope our legacy will live on with dignity and respect. 

As individuals all of us in JATS will continue in music. Warner will be doing his Warner E. Hodges Band and guitar starring with other artists, Jason will continue his Jason Ringenberg and Farmer Jason entities, Pontus will rock his Bonafide band, do solo work, and Wreck of Blues. We will at some point take down this JATS Facebook page and JATS website, so please join all our individual fan pages and social media platforms. We all plan to stay active in music. Jason and Warner will continue to serve The Scorchers legacy and history from their social platforms. 

There are so many folks to thank for our 40-year run. First and foremost, of course, would be the vintage band with Jeff and Perry in the 80s. Both gave it everything they had, and both had invaluable talents that they brought to the table. Other musicians joined in as the years went by, all adding their belief and gifts. Thank you: Andy York, Ken Fox, Ginger Wildheart, Fenner Castner, Kenny Ames, Mauro Magellan, Steve Gorman, Joe Blanton, Dan Baird, Brad Pemberton, Tommy Womack and all the other wonderfully talented musicians we've had the pleasure to work with along the way. Last but not least in the musician world are Pontus Snibb and the memory of Al Collins. Both gave us new life in this last incarnation of the band. The Halcyon Times record and touring was an amazing experience. Y’all were one of the great rhythm sections in rock n roll. Thank you. 

On the business side, WOW... there are so many folks we should thank but this would go on too long. Most important would be Jack Emerson, who is no longer on this Earth. There would have been no JATS without Jack. He managed us in the early lean times, and then co-managed us with Andy McClenon throughout our biggest years in the 80s. 

Thanks to Jack’s partners/colleagues at and around Praxis International: Andy McClenon, Kay Clary, Kim Buie, Laurie George, Ronnie Douglas, and our wonderful attorney in the ‘80s and ‘90s Jim Zumwalt. 

Thank you to our European agents and promoters Mick Brown, Trygve Kvandal, Mark Scott, Lenny Lindfors, Graham Anderson, Johannes at Sweden Rock, and Ofof Wikström. Thank you to our current attorney, Praxis business manager, and friend Wayne Halper who has generously helped us in countless ways our entire career. 

Thank you to Peter Cooper for championing our music to anyone who would listen. 

Thank you to Paul Needham and Jill Kettles for design and promotion expertise. 

Thank you to Jeremy Tepper for giving us old codgers a radio home at Sirius Outlaw Country. Outlaw Country is radio at its best. 

To close out our bizz thank yous, heartfelt thanks to our manager since 1996 Deb Hodges. Deb tirelessly handled the tedious financial and logistic details of putting a rock band on the road, leaving us more time to enjoy the ride. 

Mostly though, we thank you fans, friends and family who supported our music, some of you for over 40 years. The experiences we had sharing our music with you will never be forgotten. 

God Bless and thank you... 

Jason and The Scorchers 

Jason and the Scorchers stormed out of Nashville in 1981 and never looked back. With their explosive mix of classic rock ‘n’roll and American roots music they “…singlehandedly rewrote the history of rock ‘n’ roll in the South.” –Rolling Stone Although at heart a pure American rock band, there is an exhibit of them in the Country Music Hall of Fame . In 2008 they won the Americana Music Association Lifetime Achievement Award for Performance. Their newest release Halcyon Times has been called one the finest records in their history.

Guitar star Warner E. Hodges and frenetic frontman Jason Ringenberg forge the nucleus of the current lineup as always, but new bassist Al Collins and drummer Pontus Snibb inject a fresh energy into the volatile chemistry. By all accounts, Jason and the Scorchers in the new millennium is as strong and as exciting as any band they have ever fielded in their storied career. As The New Yorker magazine recently said “…now they are one of the best bands, again.”


Jason and The Scorchers at The Country Music Hall of Fame

The Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum has just opened a brand new exhibit of Jason and the Scorchers. It is in the timeline section called Cadillacs, Guitars- Country Music’s New Wave.  Jason and the Scorchers share the section with Randy Travis, Steve Earle, Dwight Yoakum, and Roseanne Cash. The exhibit includes the outfit Jason wore in the 1985 White Lies video, a 1982 rare poster from one of their first shows, a pair of Warner’s spurs, the White Lies video playing, and info about the band’s influence on country music fans and musicians.